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Our Reports

Our work has developed since 1990 with our founding trustee making well over 50 development visits to India

Pats Visit No. 55 May - June 2019

These reports are usually written during or after time in India. I’m actually on the way, but decided to start now as there are changes taking place and it will be good to keep everyone updated.

Pats Visit No. 54.

This is a delayed trip ( because of family illness) beginning as always in Kerala where the recent floods have subsided, although they have not affected a Trivandrum my usual starting point.

Pats Visit No. 53. March 2018

Leaving England in deep snow was a novelty! Fortunately I decided to go to the airport a day early, thank goodness I did! I arrived here exactly 28 years on from my first arrival, which hardly seems possible.

Pats Visit No. 52.

A major event was at last, the opening of the farm and training project, which has been funded by an International Rotary grant, thanks for this go to Ewell Rotary, especially Derek Povey...

Pats Visit No. 51. May 2017

This visit was unplanned! For the past 2 years, thanks to work by Ewell Rotary ( headed by Derek Povey, ex Brundall resident) we have had an International Rotary grant application in process.

Pats Visit No. 50. Jan 2017

This visit should have happened in November last year, but emergency hospitalisation of first my daughter, then my husband 24 hours later, led to the trip being cancelled. Both are fine now, but ...